What face cues teach us

Can Split-Second Micro-Expressions Help Employers Hire Smarter? Employers often learn only after hiring someone with impressive credentials that he or she is workplace poison: abrasive, self-absorbed, chasing personal glory rather than team priorities. But what if you could identify such flaws simply by observing the person over a brief period, catching the egomania or bad judgment in the contour of a smile or the cast of a sidelong glance? This would be a tremendous advantage when it came to selecting people not just for jobs but for political offices, jury duty, or countless other circumstances when we’d like to penetrate … Continue reading What face cues teach us

Ordering matters in job interviews

Deciphering Hidden Biases During Interviews Research suggests the timing of an applicant’s interview, whether it’s for a job or admittance to a school, may determine the outcome of that interview. A new study shows that interviewers who have seen a string of strong candidates are more likely to view the next applicant negatively. STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: Benjamin Franklin said the only certain things are death and taxes. Let’s add a third thing: Interviews. At many points, starting with school admissions or a new job, you’re going to sit down before someone else and answer their questions. Which is what NPR’s … Continue reading Ordering matters in job interviews

Tips for being happy

Happiness: 10 Fascinating New Psychology Studies Everyone Should Know Where we feel happiness in the body, how it affects our genetic code, why it changes with age, unexpected pleasures and much more… Here are 10 of my favourite recent psychology studies about happiness. Hope you enjoy them! (You can click the links for longer descriptions of the studies.) 1. Happiness activates the whole body. Unlike thoughts, the emotions don’t live entirely in the mind, they are also associated with bodily sensations. Thanks to a new study, for the first time we now have a map of the links between emotions … Continue reading Tips for being happy