Recycling plastic

The Unintended Consequences of Plastic Bag Bans

When I walk with my friend Eli and her dog Dosa, we take our plastic bags. Originally from ShopRite or the local farm stand, the bags were filled with groceries. Now, handy for dog poop, they reside in a bin under my sink until I grab one. In more than 240 U.S. municipalities, California, and soon New York, those bags have disappeared. Because of bag bans or bag fees, many fewer people are re-using them. And that could be the problem. ….[READ]

One thought on “Recycling plastic

  1. Thanks for sharing this, it was a good read! The debate over plastic bags has been so one sided and almost fully focused on the effects on wildlife, that it is easy to forget that there are still economic consequences to banning bags.

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