Ikea Opens First India Store, Tweaking Products but Not the Vibe

Parina Lamba, 4, knew what she wanted in the new Ikea store here, the first by the Swedish retail giant in India. She hopped onto a daybed on the showroom floor, lay down and would not get off. “She didn’t sit on any other bed,” said Parina’s father, Sarav Lamba, one of about 7,000 people to get early access to Ikea’s store a few days before this Thursday’s grand opening. Mr. Lamba was sold. The Hemnes bed was like none other he had seen in Hyderabad, featuring a pullout tray that allowed it to become a double bed — perfect for when Parina’s grandmother came to visit, he said. At 39,970 rupees, or $582, with two mattresses, the price was fair, he added. ….[READ]