Doing what you set out to do

A Psychologist Explains How to Conquer Your Fear of Trying New Things

The new year is the perfect time to finally take up ceramics, learn Mandarin, start a book club, start rock-climbing, or plant a garden. In 2018, the Cut has practical advice on trying something new. Make bowls, not just resolutions. The first and only time I attempted skiing could best be described as a chilly exercise in humiliation. I took the beginners’ class not once, but twice, the instructor telling everyone to go have fun on the slopes and then immediately pointing at me. “Not you,” she said. “You can stay here for another round.” After the second time, she dismissed everyone else and beckoned me over. “This is Joe,” she said, gesturing toward another ski instructor standing next to her. “Joe likes to ski with the ones who need a little extra attention.” ….[READ]