Inertia vs. inattention

Why Wearables Won’t Make Us Smarter, Faster, Or More Productive

The 10,000-step maniac: You either know one or you are one. Legions of tech-enabled fitness fanatics will do anything—including walking in circles around the dining room table—to hit their daily activity goals. We should probably applaud them; it’s great to be active, and it’s great to set goals. But that step counter—or heart-rate monitor or FitBit or even just that wellness app on your phone—probably won’t take your performance to the next level, or keep it there. Here’s why. In some sense, our fascination with tech-driven self-quantification is inevitable. Moore’s law (before its prognosis was declared terminal earlier this year) guaranteed that computing power would become small and affordable enough to clip to our belts or slap on our wrists—a prophecy that was duly fulfilled. ….[READ]