Do you support nudging?

Be Bites: Go On, Nudge Me – See If I Like It?

Ask yourself this – do you mind being nudged? That is, having your choices and decisions shaped and steered so you make better ones by subtly altering your physical surroundings or the communications directed toward you. Are you pro-nudging, ambivalent or anti-nudging?The concept of ‘nudging’ has received considerable attention in recent years. It was brought into the limelight by the 2008 book Nudge written by economist Richard Thaler and lawyer Cass Sunstein. Since its publication, many governments have started to use nudges as a policy tool. This has sparked heated discussions about whether it is ethically appropriate to steer people in certain directions – even if we maintain their freedom of choice by for instance, giving them the chance to opt-out. ….[READ]