A messy economic book

Tim Harford: Why the world needs to be a lot more messy

There are journalists who master economics, and economists who master journalism. But few bridge the gap with quite such fluency as Tim Harford. As the Financial Times’s “Undercover Economist”, as well as a BBC radio presenter and prolific author, Harford has a gift for explaining economic theories and findings in the most accessible way possible. His new book “Messy” (subtitle: “How to be Creative and Resilient in a Tidy-Minded World”) is, in part, a how-to guide for getting the best out of life. But it provides also a lucid explanation of how our attempts to impose order on the world may be going off the rails. In the week of its publication, he spoke to CapX about why the world needs a little less order and a lot more chaos. ….[READ]