Is Coke’s health policy trasparent?

Research Group Funded by Coca-Cola to Disband

A group called the Global Energy Balance Network, led by scientists and created by Coca-Cola, announced this week that it was shutting down after months of pressure from public health authorities who said that the group’s mission was to play down the link between soft drinks and obesity. Coke’s financial backing of the group, reported by The New York Times in August, prompted criticism that the company was trying to shape obesity research and stifle criticism of its products. Public health authorities complained that Coke, the world’s largest producer of sugary beverages, was adopting tactics once used by the tobacco industry, which for decades enlisted experts to raise doubts about the health hazards of smoking. ….[READ]


One thought on “Is Coke’s health policy trasparent?

  1. Very interesting article. In the UK there is a lot of debate as to whether we should have a “sugar tax” on sweet drinks, which is of course bitterly opposed by the beverage manufacturers. I think we should have a “sugar tax” as anything that would make high sugar drinks less attractive to consumers is a good idea. As a recovering bulimic, I eat very little sugar and this has massively helped with overcoming my eating disorder. Sugar has addictive qualities even for those without an eating disorder.

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