Is food like crack?

Obesity Is Not Like Being “Addicted to Food”

Is it possible to be “addicted” to food, much like an addiction to substances (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, opiates) or behaviors (gambling, shopping, Facebook)? An extensive and growing literature uses this terminology in the context of the “obesity epidemic”, and looks for the root genetic and neurobiological causes (Carlier et al., 2015; Volkow & Bailer, 2015). Figure 1 might lead you to believe that the term “food addiction” was invented in the late 2000s by NIDA. But this term is not new at all, as Adrian Meule (2015) explained in his historical overview, Back by Popular Demand: A Narrative Review on the History of Food Addiction Research. Dr. Theron G. Randolph wrote about food addiction in 1956 (he also wrote about food allergies). ….[READ]


One thought on “Is food like crack?

  1. Fascinating and very well researched article. I was both addicted to cocaine for a short period and bulimic for 26 years. While I don’t think sugar is addictive in the same way as cocaine or alcohol, it and other foods do trigger you to eat more of them rather than feeling satisfied. When I cut out sugar my bulimia stopped. However while I have not attempted to re-introduce cocaine to my diet I have re-introduced sugar and can now occasionally have small quantities of high sugar foods and eat sugar as part of many foods.

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