Do you have a high working memory?

The Reason Smart People Sometimes Struggle with “Aha” Moments

I’m increasingly jealous of people with fantastic working memories — as psychologists define it, the ability to ”hold and manipulate information in a temporary active state.” These people can get where they’re going without constantly staring at the GPS, can remember new people’s names from the beginning to the end of the conversation, and don’t have to re-read the recipe between every added teaspoon. How nice that must be! How freeing! But new research does offer a ray of hope to those of us who can’t break eye contact with Google Maps and conclude networking conversations with the usefully ambiguous, “Nice to see you!” Marci DeCaro, Charles Van Stockum Jr, and Mareike Wieth explain the results of two experiments in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. ….[READ]


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