The new red light rule for cyclists

The city that lets cyclists jump red lights

Cyclists in Paris no longer have to stop at every red traffic light – new rules mean that in certain circumstances they can ignore the signals and keep going. The aim is to make the city’s roads much safer. It’s easy to enumerate the downsides of Paris cycling. Parisian drivers can be rude and aggressive behind the wheel. They sound their horns loudly and gratuitously. They stop willy-nilly on busy roads to run errands or do a bit of shopping. Diplomatic plates are the worst. Most aggravatingly, Parisians are appalling signallers. They turn without advance warning – or to add insult to injury, they start to indicate as they turn. That is like a V-sign to the cyclist. It shows the driver knows about the indicator, but could not care less what it is for. ….[READ]


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