The economic problem

We’ve entered the era of sci-fi economics — as Keynes predicted 85 years ago

The shadow of Keynes is never far away when debating economics in science fiction. It is probably because Keynes understood all too well that economics and science fiction were joined at the hip. Their province was the future, in general, and the future of society, in particular. That is why Keynes engaged in a bit of science fiction himself, as a direct rebuke to his fellow Englishman, popular author, inventor of modern science fiction and erstwhile radical, H.G. Wells. To this day, his brief but incredibly prescient article, The Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren , sets the terms of the debate. In that short opus, published in 1930 (in the opening round of the Great Depression), Keynes observed that what he called ”the economic problem’ would be solved in less than a century. ….[READ]


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