How to enforce a ban

Beijing Bans Public Smoking, but Enforcement Poses a Challenge

The loudspeakers in the pricey Temple bar erupted at 11:50 p.m. on Sunday with an announcement that set off either joy or despair, depending on the customer: Patrons had 10 more minutes to smoke. A tough new ban on smoking in public took effect at midnight in the Chinese capital, aimed at ending the era of tobacco fumes clinging to clothes and lungs. The estimated four million smokers in the city — one-fifth of the population, the government reckons — now have to avoid lighting up in any enclosed public space, including offices, shops, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, airports and trains. Some outdoor spaces are to be smoke-free now as well, including areas outside schools and hospitals as well as some tourist sites. Thinking of lighting up at the Forbidden City or on the Great Wall? Then be prepared for a fine of up to 200 renminbi, or about $32. ….[READ]


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