Start-up related stress

The downside of starting up: Depression, anxiety, loneliness, even suicide — the entrepreneurship struggle is real

Mike Gozzo saw the end of his startup coming from a mile away. When he and cousin Steve Panetta started Appifier — software that turned WordPress sites into mobile apps — in 2011, Gozzo thought they’d grabbed life by the horns. “You get so enamoured in this cult of yourself, and the cult of the startup and this machine you’re building,” Gozzo said. Appifier went from a self-funded business, to a member of FounderFuel — a highly regarded Montreal startup accelerator — to the recipient of venture capital and government grants in a relatively short span. Gozzo was pulling 11-hour days. At night, while hanging out with his wife at home, Gozzo would continuously scroll through his emails on his smartphone and take calls from clients. ….[READ]


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