The intersection of economics and machine learning

Calculated risks: Will algorithms make business boring?

Ever found yourself wondering whether your boss is human? Haven’t we all. Now, with the march of artificial intelligence and robotics, it’s becoming an increasingly valid question. Algorithms – problem solving computer programmes – are, to put it bluntly, getting much better at doing our jobs than we are. And it’s not just in the tech sector where computers are becoming king. Last year the LA Times published an article about an earthquake which was written by a computer programme. School children in South Korea are being taught English by a machine called Robosem, and even the so-called oldest profession faces competition – a US firm called TrueCompanion claims to have developed the world’s first sex robots, with the most basic model costing just $995 (£645). But is there a danger that this brave new world is going to be a bit, well, dull? ….[READ]


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