What happens to today’s opinions tomorrow?

Byron Sharp’s How Brands Grow is the only marketing text I refer to on a regular basis. It’s well written and pulls no punches. His conclusions are based on single source datasets tracking attitudes and purchasing over time, giving them rigor and power. The evidence he presents on the unstable nature of attitudes is particularly useful (p102). Brand imagery statements we all know and love (e.g. “Is a brand a trust” “Offers VFM” “Tastes nice” etc) often show broadly stable agreement over time. Sharp’s insight is that when you ask the same people the same question over time their answers are often different. The repeat rate for attitudes is around 50%. So for example if 45% agree brand x tastes nice in Q1, and 45% agree in Q2, evidence from single source datasets show that half the people “voting” for brand x have changed their minds since being asked previously. ….[READ]