Are smart people more selective?


People with High IQ May Be Better at Blocking Distractions

Researchers have discovered that people with high IQ’s have brains that are more efficient allowing them to have better visual perception. That is, people with high IQ scores aren’t just more intelligent, they also process sensory information differently. The study findings, published in the Cell Press journal Current Biology, explains that the brains of people with high IQ are automatically more selective when it comes to perceiving objects in motion. As such, they are specifically more likely to suppress larger and less relevant background motion. “It is not that people with high IQ are simply better at visual perception,” said Duje Tadin, Ph.D., of the University of Rochester. “Instead, their visual perception is more discriminating. They excel at seeing small, moving objects but struggle in perceiving large, background-like motions.” ….[READ]


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