Gentle nudge for shoppers


Reusable-Bag Users Might Buy More Junk Food

Bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store is a very good thing for the environment, as (obviously) it’s less wasteful than coming home with an armload of plastic bags you’re either going to throw away or stuff under your sink and forget about. The only problem, perhaps, is that we know it’s a very good thing we’re doing — and as such, researchers at Harvard Business School report in a new working paper, we reward ourselves by buying more junk food. Using about two years’ worth of customer loyalty-card data from one location of a California grocery-store chain, Uma R. Karmarkar and Bryan Bollinger analyzed nearly 1 million transactions. The store offered a small discount when shoppers brought reusable bags, and it was marked on each receipt, allowing the researchers to tell who was bringing their own bags. ….[READ]


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