Are gender stereotypes changing?


The Clooney Effect

If you’re a guy who swipes right on Tinder or sheepishly grins at the pretty stranger across the bar, it’s unlikely you’ll have more than a cursory, fleeting interest … unless the woman you’re checking out is smarter than you. That’s one surprising finding in Helen Fisher’s fifth annual study on American singles for, which surveyed 5,600 singletons across the country for what they desired in a potential partner. Fisher’s findings offer a solution to a classic problem in economic mating theory: Are men afraid of “over-educated” women? Fisher offers a resounding “no” to that question, using an anecdote from pop culture as validation. In what she amusingly calls the Clooney Effect, Fisher describes the phenomenon of men wanting to marry women who were independent and self-reliant in relationships. ….[READ]


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