Ownership and responsibility


How Do You Decide Who Owns Something?

Ownership is an important part of our daily lives, but most of us do not spend much time thinking about how we make decisions about who owns things. We care about ownership, because the owner of an object gets to decide what is done with it. Owners also benefit from the value of the object. It might seem straightforward to decide who owns something, but it quickly becomes clear that things are more complicated than they seem. Consider just a simple trip to the store. You walk into a department store, and you know that all of the objects are owned by the store. If you take one off the shelf, you are expressing an interest in owning the object, but you don’t own it yet. So, just holding something does not make it yours. If you pay the price of the object to the store, exchanging money for the object, it becomes yours, even while you are still standing in the store. ….[READ]


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