Is sharing economy not big enough?


Who are the Uber Drivers?

What kind of workers are driving for Uber? Jonathan V. Hall and Alan B. Krueger offer the first set of systematic answers to this question in “An Analysis of the Labor Market for Uber’s Driver-Partners in the United States,” published as Working Paper #587 for the Industrial Relations Section at Princeton University (January 22, 2015). (Full disclosure: Hall is the Head of Policy Research at Uber Technologies, and Krueger was paid by Uber for his work on this study. However, Krueger’s contract also specified that he had “full discretion over the content of the report.” Fuller disclosure: Alan Krueger was Editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, and thus my boss, from 1996 to 2002.) Here is some basic background. The number of Uber “driver-partners” who provided at least four paid trips in the previous month has now reached 150,000. In the context of this U.S. economy, this is about 0.1% of the workforce. But Uber is just one company, and the number is growing quickly. ….[READ]


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