The physiology of investment


Markets Hitting Highs: Unseen Contaminants to Rationality

Suddenly, proponents of the urban myth that our drinking water is poisoned seem to be correct. Scientists have discovered traces of the harmful and addictive drug cocaine in the United Kingdom’s water supply even after it had been intensively purified. According to one newspaper headline, “Cocaine Use in Britain Is So High It Has Contaminated Drinking Water.”But this is small fry compared to the scale of contamination of US drinking water. With 10% of Americans now taking antidepressants and half on prescribed medications, “your tap water is probably laced with antidepressants” and harmful chemicals according to one report. Worse still, studies are blaming contaminated water for physical and behavioral changes, such as fish losing interest in their food, or even becoming “intersex” fish whereby male fish grow ovaries and start laying eggs. ….[READ]


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