Anchoring in very high-skilled individuals

NLP Anchor

Even Danish CEOs can fall prey to judgment error

Typically in a field experiment, our aim at iNudgeYou is to observe and map the behaviors of regular people while they interact with their complex surroundings. Everywhere from conference buffets to the airport, we’ve been busy using this guerrilla research approach to pinpoint which nudges are effective at promoting behavioral change, in the interest of citizens and society alike. In running such experiments, one bedrock assumption is that the observed sample should mirror the wider population of interest. Otherwise, if the sample turns out to be unrepresentative, the responses given and patterns spotted could amount to a mere fluke. To combat this risk, we almost always try to obtain large samples whose makeup reflects the population in question. However, in early 2013, we jumped at a rare chance to get our hands on a fascinating sample. Rather than monitor or survey people assembled naturally in a given public setting, we managed to zero in on a specific, elite, and highly elusive target: CEOs of Danish firms. ….[READ]


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