Information timing matters to make you healthier


Choosing Between Carrots and Cake Is a Snap Decision, Researchers Say

Whether you stick to your diet or give into temptation comes down to just milliseconds, a new study suggests. Researchers from Caltech tested this theory by asking 28 volunteers to rate the health virtues of more than 150 foods after fasting for four hours. The subjects were then shown random pairings of foods on a computer screen, one healthier than the other, then invited to choose between two. On average, information about taste begins influencing the decision making process about 200 milliseconds sooner than health information, according to findings published in the latest issue of the journal Psychological Science. Lead researcher Nikki Sullivan said based on how quickly subjects navigated their computer mouse to click on their selections, the scientists could tell which factor was important in making a choice — taste or health. ….[READ]


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