Biases in peers’ perception

07-kid-n-play-house-party.w529.h352 (1)

Teens Overestimate How Much Other Teens Party

Given that teens are prone to reckless behavior, researchers naturally have an interest in what compels them to so frequently do not-smart things. Peer pressure is one of the most frequently offered explanations, but that’s only a partial answer; sure, there are instances in which teens directly pressure each other into risky behavior like in DARE-esque after-school specials from the 1990s, but often the social dynamics that lead kids to adopt or eschew certain behaviors are a lot more complicated than that. To try to better understand how this stuff works, a team led by Sarah W. Helms, a psychology researcher at UNC-Chapel Hill, conducted some interesting research on high-school students that was recently published in Developmental Psychology. ….[READ]


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