Are algorithms better than heuristics?


Heads-up limit hold ‘em poker is solved

Researchers at the University of Alberta have just announced that “heads-up limit hold ‘em”, the simplest form of poker commonly played for cash stakes, has been “solved” (science paper, summary on This means that the researchers have found a complete strategy, which describes what plays to make in every possible situation of the game, and that is essentially unbeatable. This strategy will not lose against any other strategy, a defensive strategy that therefore makes it almost certain to win over the long run. This is a landmark in artificial intelligence, as another game is dominated by computers and not humans at the highest level (think chess). But what does this mean for the psychology of how humans play poker, and does it mean that downloading the perfect strategy will make you rich? ….[READ]


One thought on “Are algorithms better than heuristics?

  1. Interesting read, unfortunately the majority of Texas holdem heads up are played in a tournament format. The max that you can lose is your entry fee.

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