Flashbulb memories make us confident not accurate


On Serial and the Illusion of Memory

Is he guilty, or isn’t he? Why does he not remember what he did that day?! These are some of the main questions asked by the ultra-popular podcast Serial, which examines the events of January 13, 1999, the day that high school student Hae Min Lee disappeared, later to be found dead. Six weeks later, her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was arrested and charged with her murder. Upon questioning, he did not recall the specifics of that day, and in particular, he claimed not to remember the exact details of what happened after school during the window of time Hae Min Lee was supposedly killed. The overall question of memory is central to this case, not only because of Adnan’s memory (or lack thereof) of that day, but also because of the memories of all involved parties. Throughout the season, Serial host Sarah Koenig interviews countless people with some connection to the day’s events: Syed and Lee’s friends, teachers, coaches, etc. in order to piece together the possible ways that day could have played out. This is where the story (and the entire case) lies, because there is no physical evidence that inculpates Syed. …[READ]


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