How to earn more by trading less


How High-Frequency Monitoring Can Be A Short-Sighted Behavior

There are 10 million bits of information moving through this space every second. And it poses a subtle threat to your investments. It’s not high-frequency trading—it’s closer to home. It’s high-frequency monitoring, driven by your own brain. The more frequently you check on your investments, the worse they will likely appear to be performing. So the more frequently you monitor, the less likely you are to be investing correctly for the long term. And it’s getting harder not to look—we are prone to look at our smartphones, home to your money and finance apps, up to 150 times a day. While it may seem like good stewardship to frequently log in to your account to check on your performance, in reality this is likely to: Stress you out. Encourage you to tinker with your investment allocations. Hurt your investment performance ….[READ]


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