Survey research in a post-Kahneman world


Context Hacks and Emotional Packs – Part 1

In the call for papers at this year’s ESOMAR Digital Dimensions, one particular topic really excited me: “survey research in a post-Kahneman world”. What’s encouraging is how the topic accepts that we do live in a post-Kahneman world. In other words, Daniel Kahneman’s ideas – that people take most of their decisions using their fast, intuitive “System 1” not their slow, considered “System 2” – are now understood and acknowledged by most market researchers. They have become mainstream. That’s great news, if so. It means we can finally stop telling people what Kahneman and his fellow behavioural economists say, and start showing what we actually do about it all. So in this piece I’m going to mostly skip the explanations, and get straight to the implications and solutions. Behavioural economics asks two huge questions of researchers. First, how do people make “System 1” decisions? And second, how do we adjust our methods to take that into account? ….[READ]


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