Economies of scale in behavioral economics

economies of scale

Learn once, use forever and wherever

I swear it’s not that I’m lazy. It’s just that there are such great economies of scale in behavioural economics that once you learn about it in one domain you can use it everywhere. Let me explain. I’ve just finished a six city tour with CPA Australia as part of their 2014 congress, and I’ve been presenting on two topics: Why rational argument fail (and what you should be doing instead) and The how of habits – making and breaking habits with behavioural science. When putting the content together I was again reminded of the flexibility and tantalising economies of scale when it comes to behavioural economics. You see, by understanding the behavioural principle underpinning what people do, we can apply it to any circumstance – a website, a pitch, a customer service call, a marketing campaign…even our own habits. ….[READ]


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