Behavioral Economics Conquered Books—Can It Be a Hit on TV?

Each weekday, I take the elevator up to the Atlantic office in New York City—an unremarkable detail, except our office is on the second floor, and this is an act of profound laziness. When I press the “2” button with another passenger in the elevator car, I feel only the soft gnawing of shame—nothing sharp enough to change my habit. But what if each time I pressed the button, a voice bellowed from the speakers: “Hey lazy, take the stairs!” Yes, that would count as biting shame. I would obey the voice. I would take the stairs. In fact, that’s precisely the trick that Daniel Pink, the bestseller author of Drive and To Sell Is Human, tries in his new show Crowd Control, debuting this week on the National Geographic Channel. To reduce congestion on elevators of an 18-story building, he programs an elevator to admonish people into taking the stairs to low-number levels. ….[READ]