Our brain is not updated


Summit Europe: To Anticipate the Future Is to Abandon Intuition

In the evolution of information technology, acceleration is the rule—and this fact isn’t easy for the human brain to grasp. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t at least intuitively aware of the speed of information technology. We’ve become used to the idea that the performance of our devices has regularly doubled for the last few decades. What is less intuitive is the rate at which this doubling results in massive leaps. The price performance of today’s devices is a billion times better than computers in 1980. But even this is not completely outside the realm of immediate experience. We know even our smartphones are much more capable than the first computers we owned. It’s here, however, that intuition fails us completely. Over the course of the two-day Summit Europe in Amsterdam this week, two reasons emerged from the slew of talks. ….[READ]

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