Is that how market benefits society?

Ebola experimental vaccine VSE-EBOV arrives in Geneva

The moral person’s guide to investing in Ebola stocks

An epidemic jumps from country to country, propelled thousands of miles over land and sea by the ease of modern travel. Researchers at pharmaceutical companies are racing to find a vaccine, a cure, a treatment. You invest in their stocks, just helping to save lives. You are one of the good guys, adding resources to the fight. Right? But you are also betting on more and more people getting sick and on getting a pretty rich return for yourself. This is a moral quandary. People profit from bad events. It happens all the time. We all sneer at war profiteers, but entire economies benefited in the economic boom following the second world war. Defense stocks, like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, hit record highs last month when the terrorist group Isis stepped up its threat. ….[READ]


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