Nudging for school lunch


A School Lunch Tray Redesign to Trick Kids Into Making Healthy Choices

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation had been collaborating with an innovative food-service director who was preparing to buy new trays for her school district in St. Paul, Minnesota. Familiar with my book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think, they wondered if the book’s principles could be used to get kids to mindlessly eat better by redesigning a healthier lunch tray. Coincidentally, we had started down this road a year earlier, but the unfortunate reality of lunch trays is that they’re rapidly being replaced with the disposable variety. Some school lunchrooms can’t wash trays because they have “heat and serve” kitchens. Certain paper companies are really good at persuading schools to buy disposable trays. But a reusable tray that caused kids to eat better might tip the balance back. This call was the excuse we needed to get back on task. ….[READ]

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