Scarcity bias is physiological

scarcity (1)

Pliny the Elder: A case study in scarcity marketing

Pliny the Elder was the Roman naturalist credited with first identifying hops. Pliny the Elder is also a beer, and, today, a case study in “scarcity marketing,” said Natalie Cilurzo, the co-owner of Russian River Brewing Company. “We don’t do any advertising,” Cilurzo said. “As far as our marketing, I blog very infrequently on our website. We have a Facebook page, I try to post like once a week… maybe.” Despite the sparse marketing, demand for Russian River’s signature beer couldn’t be greater. Cilurzo says on weekends, their brew pub in Santa Rosa is packed. “We usually have lines up front on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings before we open,” Cilurzo said. “I heard yesterday, the Google Bus was here.” Russian River Brewing Company also sells bottles of Pliny the Elder, in limited quantities, to a couple hundred stores in California and Colorado. ….[READ]

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