The amazing story of Karfunkel Brothers


The Mitzvah Factory

Imagine you and your younger brother are poor Jewish kids in mid-1950s Hungary. Unlike so many, you managed to avoid the Holocaust only to be swept up in a bitter revolt against the cruel Soviet occupation government. The revolt fails, and like tens of thousands of your countrymen you leave your homeland and its bloodshed, and manage to make your way to New York and a new future. Your name is Michael Karfunkel, your younger brother is George and, fast forwarding nearly 60 years, your future is something even Horatio Alger wouldn’t have thought possible. Quiet careers in business at the periphery of Wall Street, New York, real estate and the insurance industry, with an aversion to publicity that is rarely seen, have made both men billionaires, according to Forbes magazine. Like so many rich people, the Karfunkels opened non-profit foundations to share their good fortune. ….[READ]

One thought on “The amazing story of Karfunkel Brothers

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