Tips for relieving stress




How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety: 10 Proven Psychological Techniques

The best way to reduce stress is, of course, to identify the source and get rid of it. If only this were possible. You can try to avoid people who stress you out, say ‘no’ to things you know will cause you stress, and generally do less stuff. Unfortunately, this is often out of the question or you would have already done it. So, here are 10 techniques you can use to deal with stress that you can’t avoid. 1. Develop awareness. This is the step most people skip. Why? Because it feels like we already know the answer. But sometimes the situations, physical signs and emotions that accompany anxiety aren’t as obvious in the moment. Here are a few common symptoms of stress and anxiety: excessive sweating. dizziness. tension and muscle aches. tiredness. insomnia. trembling or shaking. a dry mouth. headaches. So, try keeping a kind of ‘anxiety and stress journal’, whether real or virtual. When do you feel anxious and stressed and what are those physical signs of anxiety? When you can identify what’s stressing you out and how you react, you’ll know when to use the techniques below. 2. Simple power of your breath …..[READ]

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