Anxiety as incentive


Anxiety is all about anticipation!

Take a few seconds to remember the last time that you felt very anxious about doing a task (ideally, think of one that you ended up completing). Perhaps it was going to a doctor’s appointment, or giving a presentation at school/work, or asking someone out. See if you can remember how you felt right before the task. What kinds of thoughts were you having? Were you generating a succession of catastrophic scenarios? (“I’m going to find out that I have a serious disease,” “The presentation is going to be a disaster,” “My date will find me boring and unattractive”). How did your body feel, particularly when you were having this type of thoughts? Was your heart racing? Were your palms sweating? Was your breathing getting shallower? What other thoughts and physical sensations were you experiencing?Now, try to remember how you felt when you actually engaged in that task. I bet that your anxiety started to go down as soon as you stopped anticipating the task and started doing it. You might wonder how I know this. Simply. That’s how anxiety works. Every time. ….[READ]

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