Is mindset a solution for obesity?


To be or not to be? Should Obesity be a disease?

We know that names matter. Many people distrust Obamacare but support the Affordable Care Act. People would rather eat quiche than egg pie. A “Nutrition Assistance Program” sounds more dignified than “food stamps.” A “cold snap” sounds almost tropical, or at least tolerable, compared to a “polar vortex.” So, it matters that the American Medical Association decided, in June of 2013, to name obesity a disease. The official recognition of obesity as a disease is postulated to garner more funding for research, more attention from doctors, and more health insurance coverage for obesity-related issues.The AMA also hoped the obesity name would reduce the stigma that comes from beliefs that weight is controllable and that excess weight is a result of laziness and failed self-control. The disease label, they argued, would cultivate a greater appreciation of the multifaceted etiology of obesity. …[READ]


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