Idea flows to learn behaviors without experimentation


Why Startups Should Steal Ideas and Hire Weirdos

The most consistently creative and insightful people are explorers. They spend an enormous amount of time seeking out new people and different ideas, without necessarily trying very hard to find the “best” people or “best” ideas. Instead, they seek out people with different views and different ideas. We rely so much on our ability to learn from the ideas that surround us that some psychologists refer to humans as Homo imitans. Along with their continuous search for new ideas, these explorers do another interesting thing: They engage with others in order to winnow down their most recently discovered ideas to the best ones. They accomplish this through their habit of bouncing them off everyone they meet — and they meet many different sorts of people. The ideas that provoke reactions of surprise or interest from a wide range of people are the keepers. These are the ideas that are harvested, assembled into a new story about the world, and used to guide actions and decisions. … [READ]


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