Incentives to creative public employees


Encouraging Innovation in Public Sector Employees: The Role of Financial Incentives on Creative Tasks

Innovation in the public sector is no longer a luxury. Change has now become the rule, rather than the exception, as new global challenges mean innovative and creative solutions are required from government employees as never before. This task is made both more urgent and more difficult as budget cuts continue to bite.  What are the primary levers available to encourage innovative ideas and behaviour from public sector employees? This article looks at current evidence from behavioural science to better understand the problem and argues that classic assumptions of reward do not apply when trying to encourage more complex and creative behaviours. You want Innovation? Just pay workers more. The public sector is often criticised for its slow pace of innovation and change. This is despite a widespread and growing range of innovative programmes across public sector organisations globally. The problem is that such innovation is almost exclusively the preserve of senior decision-makers, specialist ‘innovation units’ or expensive external consultants. ….[READ]


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